LaTiKi Border Collies

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Titch is my first boy. He is TirCeo's son from her 1st litter and was the 2nd born of 7. When he was born, he looked like a newborn Holstein calf and so was nick-named "Moo". He was doing good with helping his mama and Saoirse with the goosing until I took him to try sheep and then he didn't want anything to do with the geese anymore. But, alas, no sheep to work.

He has done agility for fun and has started in Rally training. He, also, is my Therapy Dog, going to health care facilities with me at times.​​ This is something he enjoys and makes people happy when he sits by them for pets or performs his many tricks.

Admiring himself in the mirror as a puppy and an adult... somethings never change

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