LaTiKi Border Collies

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TirCeo (pron. TEER-ko; Gaelic for "country mist")

TirCeo, or Tir for short, was born on Feb. 20, 2004. Her mama and daddy were working dogs on a cow farm. When I went to pick out a puppy, I was wanting to get a boy but Tir had other ideas. She scrambled at the fencing while the little boy I was wanting sat in the back, so home she went. She has quite the "attitude" but the sweetest nature you could want. ​We have done some agility for fun, she's gotten to go "try" sheep and was quite keen on it, and we had a 3 yr run for goose work, which she misses a lot.

When she was just under 4 yrs, on 12/5/07 she had her 1st litter of babies. There were 7 in the litter, 4 boys and 3 girls, and we still get to see 4 of these babies regularly (a son lives with her).

Two years later, on 12/20/09, she had a 2nd litter, 6 babies of 3 and 3. She was such a good mama, making sure her babies were well cared for. Again, 2 we see regularly, 1 lives here, 2 live further away, and 1 was lost to an accident.

TirCeo's hips are OFA good and her eyes CERF clear.

every girl knows that the way to stay healthy is....a good mud bath and plenty of exercise.... and, of course,​​​ a good diet

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