LaTiKi Border Collies

Saoirse close-up Saoirse at shelter

Saoirse(pron. SEER-sha; Gaelic for ​"freedom")

Saoirse came to our home at about 9 mo old. She had been found on the streets of a neighbouring town and had spent a while at the shelter. A friend saw her and, knowing I was needing another goosing dog, told me about her. When I went to see her, she was springing the 6' height of the kennel she was in and just needed out so badly. So, after a couple days to get the paperwork thru and get her spayed, she came home to the rest of the clan.
She and TirCeo, with the help of Lacey at the time, made an awesome team for removing the geese from the ponds and parks, getting the work done in short order. She, mostly, worked the perimeter while Tir worked on water. ​​​​​
Saoirse was started in agility classes with my granddaughter but, due to an old shoulder injury before she came to me, she was stopped on that and we're working toward Rally with her.

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