LaTiKi Border Collies

My Borders Saoirse Photo

Let me introduce you to my family. At this time, I have 4 beautiful "kids", pictured here. TirCeo, the back one laying down, is the oldest. To her left is her son, Titch and the other split-face is her daughter, Kilt. Behind Kilt is Kilt's son, Rún, my prick eared boy. Tir and Titch, along w/ Saoirse (pictured below) did goose work for about 3 1/2 yrs and when that stopped it became apparent that Saoirse needed more to do than just be a companion along w/ 3 other dogs, so she went to be a therapy dog for a friends kids, something she loves doing.
Pictured at the bottom of the page are Tipper and my heart dog, Lacey. They are where it all began. RIP my dear friends.

​​ We have puppies upon occasion from OFA and CERF certified dogs, bred with working, sports and companionship in mind (good temperment, sound bodies).

Forever in our hearts and thoughts!

Our old man, Tipper
My old girl, Lacey